So much for plans…

What is the adage “When men make plans, God laughs?” I think that’s one of those things my grandmother used to tell me.

My last blog entry was full of all my mad creative plans for weaving a rug.

Then I went to Washington DC to visit my daughter… and promptly picked up the stomach bug that was going around her office. I spent the weekend puking into her toilet, then puking into a pan at the emergency room. Sunday I was too weak to leave, so spent the day (and evening) lying on her couch, so weak I couldn’t fully appreciate fellow Springfield, Ohio native John Legend’s Oscar win for his song ‘Selma.’

It took a full week to recover and it wasn’t until this past weekend that I finally got it together enough to weave my rug… I went with a random warp of 8/4 carpet warp at six ends per inch in six different colors and wool loops strung together in matching tones and it’s beautiful.

2015-03-01 15.37.38

2015-03-01 17.51.59

I’ve got enough wool loops to make one more rug and then it’s on to a stash-busting blanket of some sort.

But I’m back. The writing is going well and the creative juices are still flowing. Now, if only we could do something about this snow…

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