The urge

I get this way every winter. When the rest of the world is snuggled down and hibernating beneath its blanket of snow, alternately hibernating or begging for spring, I’m burning with creative fire.

Right now, I’m catching the weaving bug. Never mind that my private eye novel “Call Fitz” is burning up the keyboard and Fitz is one step closer to finding out who really killed Gina Cantolini.

Never mind that I’m halfway through my short story contribution for the SOWriters anthology.

Never mind I had a knitted cap I promised would be done by Feb. 15 for my daughter’s boss.

I want to weave!

It all started last week when I got the first of my 2015 yarns in the mail. Eleven luscious bumps of the last of my llama fiber mixed with some of my coarser alpaca, blended around a core of cotton, made by 84 Alpacas. It’s not the softest fiber, which is why I save it for rug yarn. But these bumps are just so gorgeous, starting in a dark hue and gradually moving toward lighter tones.

2015-02-17 08.40.33

Aren’t they gorgeous? I’ve left the box of yarn in the living room so I can take them out and touch them whenever I want. (I do have to keep the box closed however, to keep the cats from I moving in.)

I have to resist the urge to weave with this gorgeous stuff though- it’s inventory for the yarn festivals that are coming up in 2015.  (And you can purchase one of these 50-yard bumps for $30) so I’m turning to what I have on hand to spark my creativity.

Tonight I found a bag of wool loops, the same kind of loops kids use to make those pot holders. I bought a ten pound bag several years ago and made several rugs, then lost interest. Tonight, after blasting through chapter 11 and beginning chapter 12 of Fitz, I found my bag of loops and began to string them together for another rug.

2015-02-17 08.43.46

I’m still in the process of choosing my warp: should it be a mix of the colors that match the loops or should it be a single color, like black, to make the loop colors pop. Or should it be my gray wool warp?

I’m heading off to Washington D.C. to visit my daughter for her birthday, so won’t begin the project until I get back. I’ve got some good ideas so far: I want to rug to be at least 30 inches wide and probably at least 60 inches long, long enough to be a nice colorful throw rug in front of the bunk beds I recently bought for my grandchildren.  Most of all, I want to use up every one of those loops.

And my loom, my beloved 36-inch LeClerc rug loom hasn’t been the only thing calling my name. Several years ago I bought I give foot triangle loom, made a number of lovely shawls (my friend Kim still wears hers) then lost interest and sold the loom. (Are you seeing a pattern?)

Stupid idea. Running across a Pinterest page for triangle looms, the lust has begun again. But where would I put it? I already have three looms- my LeClerc, a 24-inch ashford rigid heddle and a small medieval tape loom reproduction by Seidel. I do not have room for a seven foot or even five foot triangle loom.

Even worse, I found a square continuous warp loom that I just craved.  Wouldn’t it be great to use it to make blankets, shawls, sections to sew together to make sweaters or jackets?

Stop it Debra. The triangle loom, as well as the continuous warp square loom will just have to wait for a while. There’s only so much space in the house… But that doesn’t mean I can’t get the rug woven.

There’s plenty of time during the day to both write and weave. Write in the morning, after cleaning out the llama barn, then after your walk (a writer’s gotta stay healthy, right?), write some more. Head downstairs after dinner (and cleaning the llama barn again) and instead of getting sucked into whatever mindlessness is playing on the television, weave.

And why not? What else are we going to do until spring sets in?

There we go. I’ll update you on my progress on both the novel and the rug.



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