Stepping into 2015

Halfway through January, I thought it probably a good idea to make up a list of writing goals for 2015.

After all, if you don’t have goals, how you gonna know where you want to go? And if you don’t know where you started, how can you know how far you’ve come?

For me, the largest goal involves increasing awareness of my books.

For every independent author, the responsibility for marketing falls squarely on his or her shoulders. I spend an inordinate amount of time talking to librarians, bookstore managers, and festival coordinators or combing the web for author events where I think my books and I will be a good fit—nearly as much time as I spend creating these stories. I spend money on advertising and give away a hell of a lot of books to garner the four and five-star reviews I have.

I have sold my books at author events, high school reunions, yarn shows, llama shows and fund-raisers for multiple sclerosis. I have sold my books, literally, out of the trunk of my car. Seldom do I go anywhere without a copy.

So why would I only have my eBooks available at one place?

It made sense then that my largest writing goal for the year involves moving my eBooks away from the exclusive Kindle Select Program on Amazon and onto some of the other platforms out there.

While it was a great program for me, limiting ones products to only one store can limit your sales. There is no doubt that Amazon is the biggest player in the sandbox and that the majority of my sales will still come from there, but it’s time to spread the wealth around a bit.

The first of the year, I moved Barn Burner and The Major’s Wife to Kobo, Google Play, Smashwords and Nook.

As my exclusivity with KDP ends on a book, I will move it to these other platforms.

On Feb. 1, the eBook versions Murder on the Lunatic Fringe will be available of Kobo, Smashwords, Google Play and Nook.

Ten days later, Lethal Little Lies will also be made available on those platforms.

While my exclusivity for my last books Death of A High Maintenance Blonde ends Feb. 12, I’m going to keep that with KDP until probably about May, when I plan to release a collection of all five mysteries in eBook format only.

(I like to have a bit of a free promotion on with some of my other books before the release of a new book and keeping at least one book in KDP will allow me to do that.)

If you haven’t purchased the Jubilant Falls series of mysteries, this collection will be a great way to get them all in one place.

And while all that is going on, I’m shooting for a July release date on my private investigator novel. This one is a little different for me and it’s going much slower than the others. Maybe I lived in my fictional world of Jubilant Falls, Ohio for too long. It’s time to stretch a bit and grow.

(I haven’t even mentioned the yarn stuff! In addition to the writing, come spring we will be shearing the llamas and alpacas, beginning the process of making and dyeing my yarns all over again! Not to mention going to llama shows… lots and lots of llama shows!)

My final writing project for 2015 is something I’m truly excited about.

For the last several months, I have been at the helm of a writer’s group in Chillicothe Ohio known as the Southern Ohio Writers and Readers Collaborative. It’s a very small group of writers whose experience ranges from beginner to seasoned professional.

I thought it would be a good idea for those new writers to gain experience in the publishing world, so we plan to put together an anthology of short stories and poems, with a target publication date of Nov. 1.

The eBook, whose title and theme are still being discussed, will be available for free and in time for the holidays.

Why don’t you come along for the ride?

Find me this year at:

April 24-26: The Indiana Fiber and Music Festival in Tri-County Shrine Club, 701 Potters Lane, Clarksville, Indiana. While it’s primarily a yarn show, I’ll have copies of all five Jubilant Falls mysteries with me for sale.

June 6: Just One More Romance author event at the Dayton Marriott, 1414 South Patterson Boulevard, Dayton, Ohio where I will sign books.

July: Loganberry Books Author Alley, Shaker Heights Ohio. Traditionally held on the first weekend of July, this is a celebration of indie authors like I’ve never seen and well worth your time. And there’s a street fair going on around us!

Sept. 18-20: The Wool Gathering, Young’s Jersey Dairy, Yellow Springs Ohio. Another great yarn show—and I’ll bring my books there, too!

Oct. 9-11: I’m considering bringing my books to my own hometown Enon Apple Butter Festival in Enon, Ohio. Why shouldn’t my hometown know I’m here, right?

Oct. 29-Nov. 1: Killer Nashville writer’s conference, Omni Hotel, Nashville.

Would you like me to come speak to your group about indie publishing or my mysteries? Drop me a line! I’d love to speak to your group!

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