A quick taste of what’s to come

In mid-December, I finally finished the fourth book, MURDER ON THE LUNATIC FRINGE. While the book is currently in the editing process, it feels odd for me to note be writing or revising any kind of fiction for the first time in nearly two years. So I thought I’d give you a small taste of what’s to come:


Is this how it will end?
The steel exam table felt cold against my naked back and legs. My neck was cradled on hard metal headrest, immobilizing my skull. The back of my head felt soft, mushy and wet. Something pushed against my left eye and cheek. The room smelled like medicine… and death. At least a sheet covered me.
I was going to have children, then grandchildren. There was supposed to be big meals on Sunday with all of my family surrounding me and I’d end my days by dying in my sleep. I was supposed to spend my later years like Mother had, leaning out the window of our apartment, watching the young children play in street, walking to markets to get the ingredients for dinner. Our fire escape would be decorated with potted flowers and I would knit in front of the television at night, making mittens or hats or baby booties.
It wasn’t going to end like this. Not this way. Was it?
A man spoke. “Doctor, whenever you’re ready to begin documenting the case…”
Someone else sighed, then began to speak in a singsong Indian accent: “It is one forty-five a.m. on Thursday. We have a Caucasian female, approximately 32 years old. She is approximately five foot eight inches tall and approximately one hundred thirty five pounds. She has bullet wounds to her left eye and cheekbone, with exit wounds at the back of the skull…”
Is this what it’s like to be dead?

I hope to have MURDER ON THE LUNATIC FRINGE available in hard copy and as an e-book by the end of April. Hope you enjoy it!

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