Thanks for everything!

Have been here in about a week—it’s been a little crazy, but it’s one of those weeks when I need to stop and simply give thanks: for friends, for family, for those that read my little stories and for all of those who have touched my life lately. I’m glad you’re here.

On Monday, I began the dead run toward the book launch of my latest novel, LETHAL LITTLE LIES. There was a cake to pick up, swag to purchase and assemble and, oh God, tell me I didn’t forget to order copies!

Between my job— a city council meeting over a contentious federal order, a pretrial for a young man who kidnapped two people and got into a shootout with Xenia police, a neighborhood complaint about the use of a public park and a fun story about public knitted art (commonly known as ‘yarn bombing’)—I was also enjoying the homecoming of my daughter Becky from an internship in Washington D.C., and a delightful overnight visit with mygrandson, Louie, it wasn’t uncommon for me to be running on empty. LLLIES_webcover

(And did I mention that the two weeks prior to that I was adding jury duty to the mix? Lucky for me, I only got called in for one day and the defendant was stupid enough to not show up, so I got off easy. )

The book launch was delightful. Friends and family, in a warm and delightful small town coffee shop surrounded me. Friends who couldn’t be there sent flowers. It seemed almost secondary that they wanted to actually buy my books.


For the next several weeks, I’m on a promotional tear.

On Wednesday, I’m headed to Killer Nashville, where I will speak about creating small town settings for murder mysteries.

I’ll be back sometime Sunday or early Monday (and back to the hectic world of freelance journalism). Lucky for me, the trial of a sex offender has been rescheduled until later in the month.

On Tuesday, I speak at my hometown library about LETHAL LITTLE LIES and then Friday, head up to East Lansing for my favorite llama show of the year, Llamafest, at Michigan State University.

Another event at the Sunbury Public Library is also scheduled for sometime in October, along with a visit to Indianapolis and Magna Cum Murder.

The reviews continue to be enthusiastic and for that I am grateful.

I am truly the luckiest woman in the world.

Once again, thank you for everything.

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