More positive reviews for Lethal Little Lies

I recently opened up the Amazon page for my latest book, Lethal Little Lies and saw the following reviews. You don’t know how much this means to me!

From Mary H. Crockett:

Great summertime read! I picked up this book with low expectations — local midwest Ohio writer and all – but then I found myself totally engrossed in this tightly written, pithy little book that mixed small town politics with big-town stakes (and MURDER!), missing identities, gambling, politics, a core love relationship complete with spicy potential infidelity, families — stalkers… By the second page I was totally gripped and just enjoyed every minute of this pleasurable (yet very human) mystery. In addition to the lovely plot twists and turns, there is a love-story at the core that unfolds nicely. A beautifully written and accurate portrayal of the sad loss of professional journalism as little papers (some with top-notch reporters and editors) get gobbled up by syndicates in the “walmartization” of the news. I loved the editor’s personality – she was tempted to “sell out” in PR, but totally bitten by the bug of journalism. (Perhaps autobiographical?) Loved her! Loved all the main characters… When does it go on Audibles I’m wondering? … You will not be disappointed with this well-written,fun read!

And from MarMar:

just finished the following book that was written by Debra Kern Gaskill . It is amazing! I had such a hard putting it down to get my work done. The twists and turns in this novel kept me glued to my nook! All you Nook and Kindle readers you need to download this Murder/Mystery Chiller!!

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