So what’s normal?

My world is getting back to normal, now that my grandson’s visit is over.

Well, if you consider normal to include the verdict in a homicide trial, voter fraud, and the end of a con man’s saga in Greene County.

Some of it was incredibly sad: A schizophrenic man who shot and killed his father because he believed an imposter had inhabited his body will serve the rest of his life in prison.

Some of it has been incredibly galling: A woman was charged with voter fraud, the first such case in modern memory, according to law enforcement. She voted twice to “test the system for further use,” according to the sheriff’s office. It’s bad enough when our political parties work actively to suppress the vote and the Supreme Court goes along with it, but when someone goes out to intentionally abuse the one civic responsibility we have, it hurts.

And some of it has been justice: A con man who has flitted around the country, defrauding people and merchants using stolen credit cards, and who filed an injunction against the Greene County Sheriff claiming the jail wasn’t up to his standards, has been extradited to Colorado to face similar charges there. He’s got a history of charges than run from North Carolina to Montana, to Florida and Kansas, all with the same crimes. He’s attempted to rent aircraft, bought a $92,000 diamond ring and stolen cars, all using someone else’s credit card. It could be a novel and just might, someday. I think my protagonist, Addison McIntyre would love tracking this guy down!

My morning started off with a frantic e-mail from my editor: There’s been an officer involved shooting in a Xenia neighborhood. Can you get me that story as soon as possible?

Yup. We’re back to my kind of normal.

I really appreciate the trust my editor places in me, despite the fact that I’m not a full-time employee. Everything becomes grist for the mill, as they say, and keeping my hand in the newspaper business allows me to keep up with what’s going on with the business as well as the community. I’m very grateful to her and always will be.

So here I sit, waiting on a statement from police. When I was with the Marysville Journal-Tribune, I used to sit outside the assistant police chief’s door every morning, knitting like Madame DeFarge, waiting on him to talk over the crime reports from the night before.

The plans for the launch party for Lethal Little Lies is coming together slowly. I’ve looked at several venues and made my decision. Now, it’s a matter of putting the details together.

Looking forward to this Saturday’s book signing at Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights. See you there!

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