Positive review for Lethal Little LIes

Lethal Little Lies, Debra Gaskill’s third novel in her Jubilant Falls, Ohio, mystery series, is a novel unique to the genre. Lethal Little Lies simmers with murder, deception, and political intrigue. Debra Gaskill’s experience as a real newspaper reporter and editor breathes life, passion, and eloquence into returning character Addison McIntyre’s career as the editor of the Jubilant Falls Journal-Gazette, another of the scores of small-town newspapers doomed to die by Internet assault.

The Journal-Gazette emerges as an actual character in Lethal Little Lies—a dinosaur that refuses to die under Addison’s stewardship. William Faulkner created Yoknapatawpha County from the shear force of his imagination. And Debra Gaskill gives life to Jubilant Falls and to its struggling newspaper.

Both author Gaskill and her creation Addison McIntyre are at their very best in Lethal Little Lies.

 —Douglas Savage, author of the acclaimed new novel, A Mouthful of Dust


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