Some days you just want to dye


It had been a long time since I’d last dyed, so with today’s perfect Ohio weather (a rarity, as most Buckeyes know), I thought I’d get out the equipment and the dyes and get started.

This was my first time to  dye using turkey roaster— I bought two huge ones the other day. I usually use turkey fryers but the morons who managed to burn their garages down on Thanksgiving have now given us 20-minute timers on the flames, which doesn’t work well when I need to simmer my yarn for 30 minutes.

And besides, using turkey roasters makes my back yard look less like a working meth lab. I usually have several canning jars lined up along the porch for sun dyeing, several large pots sitting in the grass meant for cooling the dye, a hose… It’s a real mess. I  can be seen working with a mask (so I don’t inhale the dye powder) and in rubber gloves (so my hands aren’t semi-permanently magenta). Not a Martha Stewart kind of moment.

While using turkey fryers can get five skeins done fairly well in 30 minutes (but I’m constantly fiddling with the timer and watching the water temperature), I found that the roaster took about an hour to get the dye to strike well, when I had it set at 200 degrees.

The good thing was I could get other things done while the yarn was cooking. Not a bad thing!

One of those things was to check on how the eBooks were coming through the publishing process. Good news! LETHAL LITTLE LIES is now available with Barnes and Noble for their Nook e-reader.

I’ll be signing copies LETHAL LITTLE LIES on July 6 at Loganberry Books In Shaker Heights. Come see me!

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