Pulling the trigger

This afternoon, I uploaded the eBook versions of my latest book, LETHAL LITTLE LIES, to Nook, Kindle and Kobo. I also pulled the trigger on the print version through Create Space.

While the print version will be available on Amazon within a few days, the eBooks are available now.

I’m also pushing the button on this blog.

LETHAL LITTLE LIES isn’t the first time I’ve sent anything I’ve written out into the world.

I’m a freelance journalist, having retired as the managing editor of a small Ohio daily. I’m also the author of two other self-published books, BARN BURNER and THE MAJOR’S WIFE. All three books center on the staff of a small town Ohio newspaper and how they solve crimes.

Addison McIntyre is the managing editor— she’s short, foul-mouthed and middle aged, dedicated more to her job at the Jubilant Falls Journal-Gazette than she should be.  Not a lot unlike me, I have to admit.

And everybody knows times are tough in the newspaper business these days.  I’ve rolled those tough times into the plot of LETHAL LITTLE LIES.

In between staff cuts, furloughs and declining advertising dollars, Addison hasn’t got time to listen when candidate Rick Starrett claims his opponent Virginia Ferguson ran a dirty state senate campaign.

Short on staff, time and patience, she can’t waste time on sore losers—then Virginia Ferguson is shot. As she dies, names Rick Starrett as the man who pulled the trigger.

To further complicate things, Kay Henning, the wife of reporter Marcus Henning, has come up missing and believed to be in danger.  Did she leave of her own accord or was she kidnapped?

Is there something that ties these two events together? Who’s telling the truth?  You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I also raise llamas and alpacas and have a small yarn business. My next Novel, currently titled MURDER ON THE LUNATIC FRINGE, combines my love of mysteries and my love of fiber.

I take the fiber—or as some folks call it, the wool—right from the animals, then either spin it or have it commercially spun and then dye it myself for my own weaving and knitting projects.

(Weavers and spinners may find some character names in BARN BURNER come right out of Marguerite Davidson’s book of weaving patterns and still others are based on types of spinning wheels.)

I see both my novels and my fiber projects as connected: with every story, there is the warp of character and the weft of plot, each dyed to reflect the setting of the book. And the better and tighter the yarn is spun, the better.

I hope you like LETHAL LITTLE LIES! Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog.

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